T+8: Thai Time

T+8: Thai Time

First of all, please accept our apologies for the appalling grammar in the previous blog. We were both pretty exhausted.


After a few days in Chiang Mai (blog to come later) a number of people had recommended we took a trip to ‘Pai‘. On our way over we once again experienced something that I’m calling ‘Thai Time’ – which is that whatever amount of time someone says something will take, its a guarantee it will take at no less that that time, but almost certainly more. E.g. The bus to Pai will be with you at 8am – so it arrives at 9:30am. The bus will take 4 hours – the bus took 6.

The road to Pai is an interesting one. Winding through the hills and rain forest above Chiang Mai, there are over 750 turns on the way there, which can take quite a stomach to endure. Some of the roads were so steep even the van was struggling to get up and around.

The road to Pai
Just part of the road to Pai

Once we reached Pai we wandered around for a bit. Its a very chilled out place and easy to see how some people spend weeks here. We also decided to (scarily) get a moped each to ride about. Definitely a good decision at the time as it gave us more freedom and appears to be the preferred means of transport around the town for travellers. However, later that evening at our hostel as we were talking to people, we found that as we didn’t have Thai driving licence, it wasn’t exactly allowed.. So, as we didn’t fancy any grief from the Thai police, we decided to return them in the morning.


During our brief stint on the mopeds we did get a chance to go to Pai Canyon, which was a pretty cool place. Deep canyons with paths on the ridges that thousands of people before us had worn down. It was an interesting place, and a good place for some photos. In the evening we did also find a restaurant/bar that was run by members of the deaf community. Nice to see something like that here in Thailand.

Pai Canyon Deaf Club of Maehongson

Can you spot Claire? (left)

After returning the mopeds we wandered around Pai again for a little, although the sun was out and at full strength, so we didn’t stay out for long. We even managed to burn even though we were only out for half hour or so in the sun. Lets hope this comes through to a tan! Finally, we got the bus back to Chiang Mai, where the driver was on some sort of mission to get us there as fast as possible. 4 hours later (he arrived on time!) our stomachs had taken quite a beating. Hopefully there won’t be many more roads/drivers like that for the rest of our journey!

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