T-5: Things we’ve learnt in the last month(ish)

T-5: Things we’ve learnt in the last month(ish)

So after finishing work at the beginning of July, we’ve been taking some time off to sort our lives out and get ready to go. While it sounds very relaxing taking a month off before going travelling, its been anything but! Running around seeing people, packing the flat up, cleaning, and various other little bits have eaten up almost all our time. Highlights of this period (for me) have got to be when we went punting in Cambridge for Claire’s birthday, climbing the O2 in Greenwich, and seeing my Dad chase off sheep from his garden back in Wales.

Moving out was fairly simple. It took a few days to get it done – its amazing how much stuff two people can accumulate in a one-bed flat. A number of people on Facebook ask for boxes when they move out – we considered this, but it was actually easier to suck up the cost and buy some boxes on eBay. We got 20 brand-new double-walled boxes, packing tape, and a roll of bubble wrap for around £20, this gave us almost all we needed to pack everything up (we just needed 2 extra rolls of bubble wrap, and an extra roll of tape to get it all done)

Photo of our flat packed up

Holiday Finances

We also took some time to sort out our money. We were looking for good travel money cards to use for money and good exchange rates (which we hope will improve during our trip – thanks “Brexit”). It came down to two providers; Revolut and FairFX, which have both been highly rated. We went with two providers because it means that should one stop working, we have a second to keep us going. Revolut also exchanges currency at the going rate at that very moment, which is nice to know you are always getting the most recent rate.

The bags we're taking

Our bags are getting very full now. While we have been strict with what we’re bringing, everything still adds up quickly – especially weight! Clothes don’t account for much with the amount we’re bringing for the climate we’re going to. But once you factor in medicines, technology (which I seem to have a lot of…), and various other little bits, it all adds up.

In the next few days I’ll be putting a blog post together of what we’re taking in our packs and how everything fits in. It’ll be interesting to see how what-we-think-we-need will differ from what-we-actually-needed in a few months time. I suspect I’ve packed too many little things that will never get used!

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