T-0: Thunderbirds are go!

T-0: Thunderbirds are go!

The day has finally arrived. We have got to Heathrow and we are ready to leave…. We have been verified by a number of countries (visas), stabbed in the arm countless times (vaccinations) and packed and repacked our bags thousands of times (travel light).

So just before we go, here is a list of everything in ours bags. We’ve split some of the stuff we’re carrying, so Duncan is carrying all the sun screen, while Claire is carrying more of the medication, for example.


The bags

After a bit of research we decided that we wanted a rucksack that opens up like a suitcase (apparently called ‘travel packs’). Once that was decided our rucksack choices were narrowed somewhat – surprising due to the fact everyone recommends them. The only bags we could find with the ‘travel pack’ opening were Osprey Farpoint 40 to Osprey Farpoint 80. We went for the Farpoint 55, it was about the right size and had an attachable day pack (included in the 55l).




Boxers x 8
Trainer socks x 5
Linen trousers (light) x 1
Swimming shorts x 2
Regular shorts x 1 (currently wearing)
T-shirts x 4
Vest shirt x 1
Linen shirt x 1
Hoodies x 1
Sandals x 1
Trainers x 1
Sunglasses x 1

Toothbrush x 1
Toothpaste x 1
Hair and shower gel x 1
Electric shaver x 1
Suntan lotion (factor 30) x 2
Suntan lotion (factor 50) x 2
Aftersun x 1
Hand Sanitiser x 1
Wipes x 1
Tissues x 2

For Claire:
Toothbrush x 1
Shower Gel x 1
Shampoo and Conditioner x 1

Malaria tablets x 36
Inhalers x 1

Additional items
Packing cubes x 3 (s,m,l)
Chargers and cables x too many!
Microfiber travel towel x 1
Waterproof bags x 3 (s,m,l)
Selfie stick x 1 (oh yes we did!)
First aid kit x 1
Water Bottle with Filter (Aqua Pure Traveller) x 1
Rain cover x 1
Map of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam x 1
South East Asia Phrasebook x 1
Pack of Cards x 1
Pack of ‘Backpacker’ card game x 1
Clothes travel wash x 1
Travel clothesline x 1
Travel sink stopper x 1
Earplugs x 14 pairs
Penknife x 1
Padlock and cables x 2
Notepad and pens x 1
Travel pillow x 1
Sleep/eye mask x 1
In-ear headphones x 1
Mini Torch x 1
USB battery pack x 1
Headphone Splitter x 1
Cheap and waterproof watch x 1

Gorilla tripod x 1
Action Camera x 1
Action Camera Waterproof case x 1
DSLR x 1
DSLR Lens Filters x 6
Plug adaptors x 2
Multipoint plug (for UK) x 1
2-in-1 tablet/laptop x 1
Mini mouse x 1



Dresses x 2 (tip: one black for all occasions)
Lightweight polyester trousers x 2
Dungarees! x 1
Shorts x 2 (one polyester, one longer and more conservative denim)
Long sleeve top x 1
T-Shirts x 2
Strappy tops x 3
Bikini x 1
Swimming costume x 1
Sarong x 1
Underwear x 10
Socks x 1
Bras x 2
Sports bra x 1
Lightweight scarf x 1 (perfect for covering up)
Pyjamas x 1
Hat x 1
Sandals x 1
Sketchers Go-Walk x 1

Hand sanitiser x 3
Face sun cream x 1
Shavers x 2
Hair brush x 1
– could not live without my tangle teezer
Bobby pins
Hairbands x 2 (I really need to buy some soon!)
Face wash (makeup remover ability) x 1

NYX Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit x 3
– This is really natural looking and lightweight – thanks Tash for the recommendation 😉
Mascara x 1
Perfume 10ml
– For a little shimmer on evenings outs
Eye brow/eye liner pencil + sharpener x 1
Make-up brushes x 2
Tweasers x 1
Mini wireless straighteners x 1

A number of people say don’t bother with makeup as it melts off, however I cannot be without some basic makeup. I have chosen some really light natural looking makeup, mostly contouring. I have also brought some mini straighteners – these are probably a mistake but oh well!


Daily contact lenses x 3 months (more to come when my brother visits)
Travel sickness tablets
Nasal spray
Malaria tablets x 36

Additional items
Money pouch x 1
Rain cover x 1
Flannel x 1
Silk sheet x 1 (trying to avoid the nasty bed bugs)
Toilet wipes x 1 (thanks Justin!)
Microfiber towel x 1
Headbands x 5 (3 soft, 2 hard)
Sewing kit x 1
Mosquito repellent spray x 1
Packing Cubes x 3 (s,m,l)

Assorted electronic chargers
Inflatable pillow x 1
Mini torch x 1
iPad x 1
Waterproof bags x 3 (s,m,l)
Locks and cables x 2
Door lock x 1
Water Bottle with Filter (Aqua Pure Traveller) x 1
Wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones x 1
Sleeping mask x 1
Solar powered charger x 1
Pack of cards x 1
Purse x 1
Glasses x 1
Sunglasses x 1
Plug adaptors x 2


Passports x 2
Passport photos x 6 (each)
Vaccination record book x 2
Driving licence x 2

Photocopy of

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance

Itinerary x 1
Language cheat sheet x 3



So that’s it! Pretty much everything we’re taking. Like Duncan said in the last post, it’ll be interesting to see how this list will have changed in a month or two. We’ll make a comparison post at a later date so you can see what is worth taking, and what is not worth taking.


Pre-flight update: We’re abut to board the plane soon, but wanted to quickly talk about bag weights. Claire’s comes to about 8.4kg, and Duncan’s comes to about 10kg (both excluding day packs). This might give you an idea of how much yours might weight if you take something similar.

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