The Trip; where we are actually going.

The Trip; where we are actually going.




Thailand Bangkok: 11th to 13th August

Ayutthaya: 13th August

Chiang Mai: 14th to 19th August

Chiang Rai: 19th August

Laos Houay Xai: 19th t0 20th August

Ban Pak Nguey: 20th to 21st August

Luang Prabang: 21st to 23rd August

Vang Vieng: 23rd to 24th August

Vientaine: 24th to 25th August

Kong Lor: 25th to 27th August

Thakhek: 27th to 28th August

Xe Champhone: 28th to 29th August

Pakse 29th to 30th August

Don Det: 30th to 31st August

Cambodia Siem Reap: 31st August to 2nd September

Battambang: 2nd to 3rd September

Sihanoukville: 3rd to 12th September

(Koh Rong: 9th to 11th September)

Kampot: 12th to 13th September

Koh Tunsay: 14th to 15th September

Phnom Penh: 15th to 16th September

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City: 16th to 18th September

Dalat: 18th to 24th September

Nha Trang: 24th to 27th September

Bai Xep: 27th to 29th September

Hoi An: 29th September t0 5th October

Hue: 5th to 6th October

Phong Nha: 6th to 8th October

Nimh Binh: 8th to 10th October

Hanoi: 10th to 15th October

(Ha Long Bay: 11th to 13th October)

Thailand Bangkok: 15th to 16th October

Koh Tao: 17th to 23rd October

Indonesia Ubud: 23rd October to 25th October

Legian: 25th October to 26th October

Gili Air: 26th October to 30th October

Legian: 30th October to 7th November

Australia Cairns: 8th November to 14th November

Airlie Beach: 15th November to 17th November

Hervey Bay: 18th November to 19th November

Brisbane: 19th November to 21st November

Sydney: 22nd November to 24th November

New Zealand Christchurch: 25th November to 26th November

Queenstown: 27th November to 1st December

Milford Sound: 1st December to 2nd December

Wanaka: 2nd December to 4th December

Franz Josef: 4th December to 6th December

West Coast: 6th December to 9th December

Abel Tasman: 9th December

Nelson: 9th December to 12th December

Christchurch: 12th December to 16th December

Matamata: 16th to 17th December

Rotorua: 18th December

Auckland: 19th December to 20th December

Whitianga: 21st December to 23rd December

Matamata: 23rd December to 26th December


Estimated Timeline

As per the majority of backpackers – our plan will probably fall apart the minute we land. However this is our general plan:





Thailand Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai 2 days 11th August 16 – 15th August 16
Laos Ban Pak Nguey, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientaine, Kong Lor Cave, Xe Champhone, Bolaben Plateau, Don Det 12 – 20 days 15th August 16 – 27th August 16
Cambodia Siem Reap, Battambang, Kompong Chnang, Sihanoukville, Kampot, Koh Tunsay, Phnom Penh 9 – 15 days 27th August 16 – 7th September 16
Vietnam Da Lat, Bai Xep, Hoi An, Phong Nha, Ninh Binh, Hanoi, Halong Bay 22 – 30 days 7th September 16 – 2nd October 16
Thailand South Island Hopping; Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, Koh Samui 7 – 14 days 2nd October 16 – 23rd October 16
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 1 – 2 days 23rd October 16 – 27th October 16
Bali Sanur, Ubud, Candidasa, Tetebatu 15 – 20 days 27th October 16 – 12 November 16
Australia Cairns, Cooktown, Whitsunday Island, Fraser Island, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Tamworth, Sydney 15 – 20 days 12th November 16 – 2nd December 16
New Zealand Wellington, Franz Josef Glacier, Queenstown, Christchurch, Matamata, Auckland 15 – 20 days 2nd December 16 – 20th January 17

147 days at present

Travel Map